MK-System in Offroad Applications

Functional Principle of the MK-System

The filter gets loaded with soot during driving operations. Consequently the backpressure is rising which indicates the load level of the filter. The HUSS control monitors the main conditions of the filter continuously. When the maximum allowed backpressure level is reached, the HUSS control alerts the driver and the filter needs a regeneration. The regeneration starts by pushing a button while the engine is shut-off.  Depending on the filter size this process takes about 25-40 minutes. After a complete regeneration the soot loading process can start again.

HUSS MK-System with Diesel Burner Technology

Advantages of the MK-system in Off-Road Applications

absolutely independent from exhaust gas temperature

the filter regenerates reliable, with no regards to the exhaust gas temperature

more than 85% filtration efficiency

more than 85% of the harmful soot particles remain in the filter and don’t reach the ambient air

approved and proven

The MK is approved by VERT and CARB, is part of the BAFU and MSHA list and fulfills the requirements according to TRGS554

complete autarkic system

no plug in to the power supply, no fuel born catalyst needed, no filter swapping for regeneration, simply regenerate where the vehicle is parked safely.


robust design

the filter modules are made of stainless steel. The entire system is designed for longevity.

wide engine range

different sizes of the filter module enables solutions up to 500kW engine performance



filtration efficiency and better

engine performance


independent from exhaust gas temperature

Service and Spare Parts

identify spare parts and maintenance kits for the MK-system

Technical Documentations

get access to the user manual, maintenance plan or installation guideline for the MK-system

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HUSS the retrofit specialist for Off-Road

HUSS particulate filters are dedicated to retrofit applications. The MK-system doesn’t require any information from the engine management. The HUSS control monitors and controls the entire process of filtration and regeneration.

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