W-System with Exchangeable Cartridges

Functional Principle of the W-System

The W-system consists of an exhaust inlet chamber that is installed at the vehilce. Furthermore the filter cartridges and the external regeneration oven are part of the system. The W-system is ideal for engines up to 100 kW performance. In case a twin-system can be installed the engine performance is raised.

The cartridges contain a Silicon Carbide (SiC) ceramic for soot filtration. The soot load increases the backpressure which is measured and monitored by a manometer. When the maximum backpressure level is reached, the cartridge is dismounted from the exhaust inlet by opening the quick fastener clamp. The cleaning is done on the external oven.

In the meanwhile the vehicle can be operated by using another cartridge. Especially when multiple vehicles are equipped with the W-system and share the oven for regeneration the system pays off.

Advantages of the W-system at a glance

absolutely independent from exhaust gas temperature

reliable regeneration with no regards to the exhaust gas temperature

99.9% filtration efficiency

the high-tech ceramics filters 99.9% of the harmful soot particles out of the exhaust gases

approved and proven

the W-system is approved by VERT, is part of the BAFU list and fulfills the requirements of TRGS554

easy to integrate

easy integration of the exhaust inlet chamber and the backpressure monitoring. Fast-opener clamps for mounting and dismounting of the cartridges. The oven needs a 380V connection to the power supply

robust design

the filter cartridges and the inlet chamber are made of stainless steel. The oven is build for the severe surrounding of a construction site

ideal for smaller engines

the W-system has two different sizes of cartridges that corresponds to an engine performance up to 100kW. The W-Twin system raises the engine performance range


filtration efficiency


independent from exhaust temperature

engine performance

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The W-system is easy to integrate at the vehicle. Especially when several vehicles are equipped with the system and share one oven for regeneration the system shows its advantages. Of course we install your HUSS system, maintain or repair it.

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