MC-System with Catalytic Coating

Functional Principle of the MC- Systems

The MC-systems wins over its simplicity. After an easy integration into the exhaust line the system simply does its job. The surface of the channels of the particulate trap are coated with a thin layer of precious materials. The catalytic effect enables to burn soot below the regular soot ignition temperature. Two assumptions needs to be achieved compulsory: the exhaust gas temperature needs to be higher than 270°C in at least 40% of the working time. Additionally, the ratio between NOx and PM needs to 12:1 or higher.


Advantages of the MC-system at a glance

continuous regeneration

the filter regenerates continuously while driving

99.9% filtration efficiency

the high-tech ceramic filters 99.9% of the harmful soot particles out of the exhaust gases

approved and proven

the MC-system is approved by VERT and fulfills the requirements of TRGS554

easy integration

simple integration at the vehicle. Data Loger and insulation jacket are an option

robust design

the filter modules are made of stainless steel. The entire system is designed for longevity

wide engine range

various filter sizes enables solutions up to 500 kW engine performance


filtration efficiency

engine performance


continuous regeneration

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HUSS the retrofit specialist

The MC-system is an easy system and the best solution when the requirements for a reliable regeneration are fulfilled. A very common use of the system is in stationary applications with predictable duty cycles. Of course, we install your HUSS filter, we maintain and repair it.

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