MD-System with Diesel Post Injection

Functional Principle of the MD-Systems

The MD-system regenerates during driving operations either active or passive.

When the exhaust gas temperature is sufficient the filter regenerates passive. If the temperature is not high enough, the filter can be regenerated actively on the base of engine external diesel post injection. A diesel oxidation catalyst, upstream the particulate trap, provides the necessary temperature increase.

Still, a decent exhaust gas temperature is necessary to make the system work reliable.

The cut away model illustrates the function of the MD-system: the vaporizer injects diesel into the exhaust line and is part of the exhaust inlet of the system. The diesel fuel is vaporized before sprayed into the oxidation catalyst which provides the necessary temperature increase for an active regeneration. Finally the heated exhaust gases are lead into the non coated filter and burn-off the soot particles. The base conditions are: 240° C exhaust gas temperature in at least 20% of the working time. The ECU control unit monitors the entire process.


Advantages of the MD-system at a glance

automatical regeneration

the filter regenerates while driving. No down time.

99.9% filtration efficiency

the high-tech SiC cermamic filters 99.9% of the harmful soot particles out of the exhaust gases

approved and proven

the MD-system is approved by VERT and fulfills the requirements of TRGS554

active and passive regeneration

as long as the exhaust gas temperature is fair enough the filter regenerates passiv. The active regeneration is released by a post injection of vaporized diesel fuel

robust design

the filter modules are made of stainless steel. The entire system is desinged for longevity

wide engine range

different sizes of filter modules enable solutions up to 200 kW engine performance


filtration efficiency

engine performance


automatic regeneration

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Primarily the MD-system was designed for light and medium duty trucks in the 1 liter per cylinder class. Therefore the system can be found in vehicles distributing goods in urban areas and environmental zones. Of course, we install your filter, we repair and maintain it.

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