While driving, the exhaust gases are led through the particulate filter, which is integrated into the exhaust piping. The exhaust is cleaned and the particles remain in the filter. In doing so, the filter is loaded with soot and the backpressure in the exhaust is increased. When the maximum allowed backpressure is reached (mostly 150 mbar) the filter must be regenerated. The soot must then be ignited to 550C.  There are two main strategies to achieve this:


As an example, consider the MD-System regeneration strategy: the vaporizor sprays diesel into the exhaust flow in order to make sure the catalyst will increase the temperature above 550C.


The catalytic coating of the MC-System is the most common example of how a passive system works. The regeneration takes place without any active interference to raise the exhaust gas temperature.

Now that you know the basics of Filtration and Regeneration take your time and look over our solutions in detail. The next sections will guide you through the world of 99.9% diesel PM filtration. Simply choose the regeneration strategy, or your application on the left side navigation to start.